Anti-Slip Products That Reduce Safety Hazards on Marine Vessels

Marine Vessel on Open Water

When you combine fast-moving vessels, unpredictable conditions, and large bodies of water you’re bound to experience safety hazards — it’s just the nature of life when you’re a crew member or passenger on a marine vessel.

By definition, marine vessels are any type of boat, ship, or fleet that travels across water — a classification that includes commercial fishing fleets, container ships, coast guard vessels, tankers, cruise ships, ferries, tug boats, barges, etc. Their functions and the industries they serve are vast, and not one is free of slip-and-fall hazards.

Anti-slip products play a critical role in preventing slips and falls, as well as helping ensure the safety of marine vessel crew members and passengers.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of anti-slip solutions available for the maritime industry to increase safety and make way for smooth sailing.

Common Slip-and-Fall Hazards on Marine Vessels

Tripping Hazards

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), tripping hazards rank among the most common causes of maritime worker injuries. Some of the most common tripping hazards include:

  • Service lines and hoses that run across decks
  • Missing grates or plates
  • Deck openings that aren’t properly closed or marked
  • Access cuts (used to remove or install ship components) not being properly closed or marked

External Conditions

Drastic changes in weather and surf conditions are inevitable and can cause turbulent conditions. When this happens, vessels can become unsteady, greatly increasing the likelihood of slips and falls.

Unmaintained Stairways and Ladders

Crew members are constantly going back and forth from above to below deck and, therefore, use ladders and stairs frequently and quickly. If these areas are not properly maintained, the chance of a severe injury occurring on board will increase.

Poor Lighting

Poor or dim lighting, coupled with unsteady walkways and moisture, increases the chances of crew members getting hurt.

Lack of Handrails, Guardrails, and Barriers

Whether above or below deck, rails and barriers should be properly marked and available to hold onto during wet, slick conditions and rough, choppy waters.

Too Few Anti-Slip Surfaces

One of the major (and easily fixable) safety hazards on board a marine vessel is simply the lack of anti-slip surfaces. It’s important to identify the areas that have the greatest chance of getting wet and the highest foot traffic. By implementing an anti-slip surface to ramps, stairs, ladders, decks, kitchen areas, and walkways, you’ll greatly reduce crew members’ risk of injury.

3 Must-Have Anti-Slip Products That Promote Safer Conditions Aboard Marine Vessels

Walkway Covers

SafeGuard Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction Anti-Slip Walkways Covers Applied to Marine Vessel Ramps
Long-lasting Safeguard Hi-Traction® and HiGlo-Traction® walkway covers on marine vessel ramps.

Walkway covers provide non-slip flooring in most places where slips and falls can occur in marine vessels. Protect crew and passengers with covers that are prefabricated, quick, and easy to install over existing surfaces, like concrete, wood, metal plate, and grating. Walkway covers are installed using mechanical fasteners or adhesive. And whether it’s a vessel’s deck, kitchen, engine room, or another slip-prone area (like a dock), anti-slip walkway covers will help ensure it’s safe to take that next step.

Ladder Rung Covers

Safeguard Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers in Use on Marine Vessel Deck
Safeguard anti-slip ladder rung covers can fit any marine vessel ladder rung.

Even if you’re wearing the proper footwear, it’s still easy to slip on ladder rungs. There are two common styles of anti-slip ladder rung covers that fit easily over any ladder rung with long-lasting durability, so that crew members can safely go from above deck to below deck with ease and efficiency.

Step Covers

Safeguard Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction Anti-Slip Step Covers Applied to Marine Vessel Stairs
Safeguard Hi-Traction® and HiGlo-Traction® anti-slip step covers provide excellent footing.

Any staircase on a marine vessel can become wet, icy, oily, and dirty due to the heavy machinery on board and/or environmental conditions — that’s where anti-slip step covers come into play. Step covers provide excellent footing so that crew members and passengers can run up and down a vessel’s stairs with ease. The step covers even come pre-sized and pre-cut for easy installation.

Customized Marine Vessel Anti-Slip Products for Your Needs

Whether you need walkway covers, ladder rung covers, step covers, or one of our other anti-slip products for marine vessels (like pipe and cable covers or anti-slip mats), we can deliver custom solutions that fit the look and function you desire, all within your budget.

Some of the custom solutions Safeguard can provide include:

  • Customized products that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flexibility options
  • Designed solutions for your visual preference
  • Vessel name/logo implementation onto signage
  • Photoluminescence (natural glow-in-the-dark) technology for nighttime visibility
  • Low-voltage heater options for step and walkway covers
  • FRP (fiberglass) and galvanized or stainless steel base (fiberglass is anti-rust, so on a marine vessel, this would be our first choice)

On every marine vessel, there are slip-and-fall safety hazards that can endanger your crew or passengers. Take the next step toward improving safety on these vessels and request a consultation today.

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