Many of the questions that are posed fall into some basic formats. The following answers should provide a better understanding of the use of SAFEGUARD® Covers. This section will continue to expand with new answers in the future.

  • Walkway and Ramp Covers
  • Ladder Rung Covers
  • Landing Covers
  • Pipe & Cable Covers
  • Roll Traction
  • Direct Gritting
  • Anti-Slip Tape
  • Valu-Traction
  • Mat-Traction
  • Heat Traction

Is this a coating that I roll, brush or spray on?

No! It is a prefabricated, non-load bearing product ready to be installed over your existing surface. It has been manufactured under controlled conditions, ensuring that the product has a long service life even in the most demanding situations.

Is the surface, and ability to prevent slips, the same on all types of Covers?

Yes. The proprietary SAFEGUARD® surface is applied in all cases. Only the color and Grade (grit size) vary.

Which material of construction should I use?

Steel should be selected for specific applications. For example:

  • A food processor may require stainless steel Covers
  • The customer may choose to install by tack welding
  • The leading edge of a concrete step is chipped or broken away, so that the front of the Cover is unsupported
  • Steel is recommended over GRIP STRUT® due to the unsupported leading edge

In the majority of cases, however, Pultruded FRP (fiberglass) is ideal:

  • Lighter and easier to drill
  • Corrosion resistant and USDA accepted
  • Costs 35 – 50% less than steel, but has similar life expectancy and has same product warranty

Should I completely cover the entire area?

Not necessarily. The Cover does not need to extend to the very edge of a walkway or to the sides and back of a step. All Step Covers wrap over the leading edge, which is where a majority of slips-and-falls occur. Coverage of a stair tread from the leading edge back depends on the conditions – the environment and type of footwear worn in that area.

What information must I provide when ordering?

  1. Item being ordered – Step Cover, Walkway and Ramp Cover, Ladder Rung Cover, or Pipe & Cable Cover.
  2. Dimensions of the Cover
  3. Material of construction
  4. Grade
  5. Color
    1. If Hi-Traction, color or colors (if two-tone)
    2. If HiGlo-Traction
      1. 100% photoluminescent, or
      2. position of photoluminescent area and color of remainder
  6. If fasteners are required, indicate the surface over which the Covers will be

Do you have standard sizes?

All Safeguard covers are manufactured to the appropriate size for your application.

Common Cover Sizes
Width of Step19-24″25-30″31-36″37-42″43-48″49-54″
Step Cover Length (A)18"24"30"36"42"48"
Step Cover Length (B)Each of the above lengths (A) is available in depths (B) of 2 to 15″
Step cover sizing

How deep should my step covers be?

The depth of the tread covered depends on the conditions. All of our Step Covers wrap over the front edge, covering the radius where most slips occur. However, there can be special situations that require a deeper cover. For example:

  • To avoid a potential trip hazard in pedestrian foot traffic areas including high heels
  • To expand access to high heels on open grating steps
  • For frequently wet or oily steps – cover at least 6”

Do you supply non-standard sizes?

Yes, we can supply any Step Cover with the following limits in length:

  • FRP – up to 120″ (10 feet) long, with up to a maximum depth of 15″
  • Steel – contact us for available sizes

Do you have standard sizes?

No, we have found a great deal of variation in the dimensions required, and so do not carry standard sizes. All non-skid walkway and ramp covers are made to order – when ordering, the Width (A) and the Length (B) are required, as shown.

Walkway cover sizes

What is the largest size available?

  • Fiberglass (FRP): Maximum 4′ × 8′
  • Steel: Maximum 4′ × 8′ (Call for larger sizes)
  • Vinyl (Flexible PVC): Maximum 4′ × 8′ (Call for larger sizes)
  • Geomembrane: Maximum 58″ wide – see Roll Traction® Sizes tab

What coverage is appropriate?

One option is complete coverage – especially important where multi-directional traffic occurs, as in work station environments. This is a simpler installation.

If traffic is in two directions only, a heel-and-toe pattern will suffice and be more economical. In either case, the result is an anti-slip walkway.

walkway coverage
Complete Coverage vs. Heel-Toe Pattern

Do you have standard sizes?

Standard diameters (B) for round metal Ladder Rung Covers are 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″.

Otherwise, lengths (A) can be up to 48″. FRP Covers and channel-shaped metal Covers can be anywhere from 3/4″ up to 2″ in diameter (B).

ladder rung cover dimensions

How are they installed?

Both FRP and steel Ladder Rung Covers can be installed using adhesive, or screws if the rung is hollow. Steel can be tack welded.