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The SnareIt™ hand safety tool eliminates finger and hand exposure to the danger zone while safely maneuvering pipe or other like cylindrical-shaped equipment.

The hand tool makes it easy to quickly tighten or loosen the cable around the item to be maneuvered, mitigating risk by minimizing exposure to potential hazards.

Key Product Features

Product Specifications

It’s All Under Control

With ergonomics in mind, this user friendly and lightweight design features three different snare diameter ranges with the overall length of the tool being the same for maximum control. The SnareIt overall shaft length when the loop is fully open is 31” and 48” when the loop is fully cinched.Instant Release

A quick release magnetic

ball head assembly allows the worker to attach and/or detach the SnareIt at any time when the tool is in the fully opened position. This is especially useful when it is impossible to slide a cable off the end of the item being snared.

Easy Activation

Trigger action mechanism allows the SnareIt to close when depressed and is then activate by extending the handle to snug the snare cable to the object. To release the SnareIt
just activate the trigger action and close the handle therefore opening the diameter of the SnareIt cable to the fully open position and disengage the magnetic ball head from the top assembly.

Unlimited Applications

The SnareIt can be used in a many applications including controlling equipment when using an overhead crane or hoist, and when securing cylindrical shaped or elongated items (tubing, piping, hose, conduit, duct, etc.) to move, set or place the object.


Base Materials

Part Number Description
SNAREIT0212 SnareIt Hand Safety Tool – Loop Range 2” to 12” Diameter
SNAREIT0818 SnareIt Hand Safety Tool – Loop Range 8” to 18” Diameter
SNAREIT1424 SnareIt Hand Safety Tool – Loop Range 14” to 24” Diameter
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