Specialty Products

Safeguard Technology is the leading developer of unique solutions for anti-slip applications in over 40 markets. If there is an solution you need and don’t see it listed or need direct gritting to customer-supplied materials, we are interested and look expand our application line!

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HST hookit specialty tool


The HookIt™ hand safety tool helps avoid hand and finger injuries while safely maneuvering grating or other equipment.

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specialty tool


The HoldIt™ hand safety tool helps avoid hand-related injuries while holding and striking objects, keeping fingers and hands at a safe distance from the danger zone.

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specialty tool


The Magna-Grab is a multi-purpose, hands-off magnetic tool. It can serve as a portable magnetic tag line and tether anchor point or may be used as a long-reach, magnetic-retrieval tool.

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multi grab tool


The Multi-Grab is a super versatile magnetic hand safety tool utilized for close-up suspended load control as well as material handling and light lifting up to 60 LBS.

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Safe-T stik


Safe-T-Stik is the ultimate hands-off magnetic load control and positioning safety tool for moving road plate, trench plate, poles, pipe, I-beams, shipping containers, valves, fittings and any other heavy steel objects or large parts being lifted or hoisted into or out of position.

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SnareIt specialty tool


The SnareIt™ hand safety tool eliminates finger and hand exposure to the danger zone while safely maneuvering pipe or other like cylindrical-shaped equipment.

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Safety Tool


The ShoveIt® hand safety tool is designed to be an all-purpose “hands off” pole that enables workers to remain a safe distance from no-go danger zones.

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Safeguard Dunnage Mat-green

Dunnage Mats

Safeguard Dunnage Mats are heavy-duty pads that can be placed on solid surfaces to create a safe resting space for cargo or equipment.

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