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Food & Beverage Processing

USDA-Accepted Anti-Slip Solutions for Food Processing Facilities

Wet, oily, dusty, or food-covered surfaces significantly increase the possibility of costly slip-and-fall accidents.

Our Anti-Slip Covers exhibit excellent anti-corrosion properties and can withstand tough sanitation and high pressure alkaline power washing at food and beverage processing facilities.

Proven effective from cold storage and freezer units to high-heat baking areas.

Installed over steel, concrete, wood, and grating with either mechanical fasteners, adhesive or a combination, our covers can easily be sealed with a food grade adhesive/sealer to inhibit bacteria formation.
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New! – NSF International has certified our stainless steel based and Roll-Traction® products for use in food & beverage processing.
Safeguard makes anti-slip covers to keep employees in the food and beverage processing industry safe.

Recommended Products

Sikaflex®-252 Adhesive
Sikaflex®-252 Adhesive

Sikaflex®-252 is a polyurethane adhesive with good gap-filling properties. Durable and elastic, it bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including steel, ceramics, and plastics. Seal any potentially harmful openings to comply with food safety regulations.

Walkway Covers
Walkway Covers

A Safeguard® Anti-Slip Cover for any application - our flat sheets are designed for any area other than steps or ladders.

Step Covers
Step Covers

Safeguard Anti-Slip Step Covers provide a permanent solution for slips-and-falls in one of the most dangerous areas in your facility: the stairs. Use two-tone or glow-in-the-dark colors for added benefits.

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