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Heat Traction™ Covers

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Heated Walkway & Step Covers

Snow removal that’s as easy as flipping a switch

Skip the Shoveling this Winter – Melt Ice and Snow Instead

Winter maintenance can be painless when you use Safeguard Heat-Traction™ step and walkway covers to melt ice and snow.

An electrically-powered pad under the anti-slip cover emits heat to keep snow and ice from building up. Heating elements plug into a standard 120V outlet and can stand alone or connect together. Unlike some chemicals, they work in all temperatures and melt snow at a rate of 2” per hour.

Don’t pay for the risky, back-breaking job of shoveling snow or introduce corrosive chemicals onto your steps, walkways, and the surrounding landscape and larger environment.

Even without the heated option, Safeguard’s Hi-Traction® step covers and walkway covers feature a rugged non-slip surface that grips footwear and prevents slips-and-falls. With a variety of base materials, grits, colors, logos and messaging, your safety upgrade works year-round.

  • Enhance safety, reduce liability exposure, and lower operating costs
  • Effective and fast acting, anti-slip covers add long-lasting traction and visibility
  • Non-Toxic, safe for the environment, and less harmful to animals and landscape
  • Anti-Slip covers have a five-year warranty
  • Heating elements have a two-year warranty
  • Safeguard can help you design the best solution to prevent slips-and-falls this winter.

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    Available in the US and Canada only

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    Melt ice away with Heat Traction™ Step Covers

    Key Features

    HeatTraction™ Step Covers
    HeatTraction™ Step Covers

    Keep steps free from ice and snow without stepping outside. Electric heaters under Safeguard Hi-Traction step covers melt snow at a rate of 2” (5 cm) per hour.

    Heat Traction™ Walkway Covers
    Heat Traction™ Walkway Covers

    Ramps for wheelchairs and pedestrians remain safely accessible no matter what conditions winter sends your way.

    Product Details
    Product Details

    Heat-Traction Covers plug into a standard 120 V outlet and can stand alone or connect together, up to 13 amps on a single Power Unit.

    Product Specifications

    Base Materials

    • 1/8 in Pultruded Fiberglass (FRP)

    Step Covers: 30-32” (762-813 mm) x 10” (254 mm) x 1” (25 mm)
    Step Covers: 48-50” (1219-1270 mm) x 12” (305 mm) x 1” (25 mm)

    Walkway Covers: 20-23” (508 mm) x 60” (1524 mm)
    Walkway Covers: 30-33” (762 mm) x 60” (1524 mm)
    Walkway Covers: 20” (508 mm) x 30” (762 mm)
    Walkway Covers: 30” (762 mm) x 30” (762 mm)

    Three Grit Options

    • Coarse (Industrial)
    • Fine (Commercial)
    • Extra Fine (Residential)
    Coarse (Industrial) Grade
    Coarse (Industrial) Grade
    Fine (Commercial) Grade
    Fine (Commercial) Grade
    Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
    Extra Fine (Residential) Grade

    SAFEGUARD Color Options

    Standard and Safety Colors

    Use for a variety of industrial and safety applications. Color and markings can be used to attract attention, designate caution, and communicate safety information.

    View Standard and Safety Colors
    View Standard and Safety Colors

    These colors can be combined in two tone configurations to create extra visual safety effects.

    Premium Colors

    Our Premium color palette provides architects, facilities managers, and home owners with additional contemporary color choices for safety applications. These designer colors fit the aesthetic requirements for anti-slip protection at schools, commercial offices, institutional buildings, hotels and personal residences.

    View Premium Colors
    View Premium Colors

    These colors complement your decor while providing top-notch safety.


    In darkness or a power outage, HiGlo-Traction Photoluminescent colors highlight the way.

    ®View HiGlo-Traction
    ®View HiGlo-Traction

    HiGlo-Traction c