Markets We Serve

Safeguard Technology provides long-term, anti-slip solutions to over forty (40) markets.

Harsh environment in the worlds most extreme conditions demand robust non-slip protection. Safeguard Hi-Traction & HiGlo-Traction Covers are the benchmark in the Oil & Gas, Exploration and Production industry. 

Market Segments

Offshore, Onshore, Processing and Transportation

The maritime industry trusts Safeguard to keep crew and passengers safe in unpredictable and hazardous conditions on the water and shoreside. Protect your assets with custom designed anti-slip solutions.

Market Segments

Work Boats, Naval & Coast Guard Vessels, Commercial Fishing, Passenger Ferries, Cruise Ships, Docks, Decks Gangways and Ramps

Safeguard Hi-Traction Anti-Slip Covers are used globally in power generation facilities.

Market Segments

Gas, Nuclear, Wind Energy, and Hydro Power

Our Anti-Slip Covers exhibit excellent anti-corrosion properties and can withstand tough sanitation and high pressure alkaline power washing at food and beverage processing facilities.

Market Segments

Breweries, Distillers & Wineries, Restaurants, Food Manufacturing, Packaging & Processing, Grocery & Specialty Food Retailers

If it moves, trust the experts that have partnered with every facet of the transportation industry for more than 30 years to protect your family, employees and shipments.

Market Segments

Public & Private Transportation, School Busses, Work Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Aerospace as well as the ramps, Stations and Facilities that keep them moving

Prevent Slips-and-Falls in High-Traffic Pedestrian Areas. Safeguard Technology provides retrofit, non-slip products that will help eliminate costly accidents at your building or institution.

Market Segments

Schools & Universities, Health Care, Hotels, Theme Parks, Government Buildings

Protect residents, family, and guests/caregivers in your home or multi-unit residential facility with Safeguard Anti-Slip Covers.

Market Segments

Private Homes, Apartment Buildings & Condos, Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

Protects plant operations personnel and contractors from potential slips on ladders, walkways,and stairs in any climate.Safeguard Technology is thesupplier of choice for a long-term anti-slip solutions.

Market Segments

Chemical production, Air Separation, Petrochemical Separation, Petroleum Refining

The toughest applications require the toughest solutions, from heavy equipment operators, mineral extraction and processing to metal manufacturing and fabrication, Safeguard Technology has supplied solutions in Anti-Slip applications for over 30 years.

Market Segments

Mining, Mineral Processing and Beneficiation, POX, HPAL, SX/EW, Smelting, Refining, Coke Manufacturing, Blast Furnace, Metal Processing, Metal Finishing and Fabrication and everything in between.

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