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Safeguard Technology Resource page is your one-stop to understand the possibilities, specifications and installation/ maintenance instructions, and videos associated with your
anti-slip applications.

Our non-load bearing Covers are pre-fabricated to customer specifications for installation over existing steps, walkways, and ladder rungs – any area in need of dependable anti-slip protection. 

Call Safeguard with any questions or to place an order by phone at 1-800-989-1695 or submit a quote request online. Or simply send an email with your requirements and we will get back to you promptly.

Visit our size guide to find the right fit for the Safeguard anti-slip products you’re interested in.

At the heart of every Safeguard cover is the unique layered resin surface with embedded grit that delivers the ultra-safe Hi-Traction characteristic.

Safeguard Technology anti-slip products are available in a variety of colors to meet the needs of safety-minded customers. Choose from a range of solid colors.

Our covers can be installed over any surface to provide a safer walking and working anti-slip environment.

Explore our photo and video gallery to learn about Safeguard Technology’s core competencies and anti-slip solutions.

First-rate anti-slip protection is required for a successful safety program. Review our performance on a variety of parameters, including coefficient of friction.

Slips and falls make up a significant number of general industry accidents. Stay up to date with the latest safety standards from these publications.

From step covers to ladder rung covers and everything in between, learn the answers to the most common questions from the experts at Safeguard Technology.

Read our wide range of literature to learn more about the anti-slip products and solutions we offer.

Ensure your anti-slip covers are installed correctly. Proper installation is vital to the effective application of anti-slip products. Our team is ready to help.