Institutional & Public Buildings

Prevent Slips-and-Falls in High-Traffic Pedestrian Areas

Safeguard Technology provides retrofit, non-slip products that will help eliminate costly accidents at your building or institution. Use wherever anti-slip performance is needed- inside and outside of your facility. From public commercial areas to back employee areas and kitchens, to dormitory and housing facilities, to pool/shower and entertainment areas, to loading and dock areas.

Invest in a Long-Term Safety Solution

Safeguard Technology retrofit covers provide a long-term alternative to temporary and substandard anti-slip tapes, paints, and rubber/epoxy flooring that wear down and need regular replacement. Our anti-slip covers have excellent anti-corrosion properties and come with a five year warranty.

Typical facilities include

  • Health Care
  • Schools & Universities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Theme Parks
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • State and National Parks
  • Government Buildings &
  • Institutions
  • Construction 
Institutional building
Safeguard Anti-Slip products are used at schools and universities to prevent accidental slips-and-falls.
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anti slip walkway cover with logo
Swimmer’s starting blocks enhanced with Walkway Covers and embedded logos.
anti slip walkway cover with logo
Any flat surface in need of durable anti-slip can use a Safeguard Walkway Cover.

Some Recommended Products

Two tone black and yellow step covers on concrete steps

Step Covers

Retrofit buildings and facilities with high pedestrian traffic volume by adding Safeguard® Anti-Slip step covers. Easy to install, long-lasting, and available in a variety of colors and combinations, our covers will help prevent costly slips-and-falls at the leading edge of the steps and landings.

Silver-colored metal ramp Walkway with black anti-slip cover

Walkway Covers

Use on indoor and outdoor walkways, wheelchair ramps, entryways and in locker rooms to prevent accidents. Available in a variety of grades to match your application. Available in 30+ colors to either blend-in or stand-out with hi-vis/contrasting edge lines. Match your brand or school colors or add custom messaging and logos.

Yellow Anti-Slip Ladder rungs on metal ladder

Ladder Rung Covers

Roof ladders specified for new building construction can include OSHA compliant Safeguard Ladder Rung Covers for safe access.

Pipe and Cable Covers

Pipe & Cable Covers

Eliminate slips, trips, and falls caused by exposed wires, cables, pipes, and conduit with Safeguard Hi-Traction® pipe & cable covers. 

Where Safeguard is Used in Institutional & Public Buildings

anti slip step covers

Commercial Buildings

Take Steps to Prevent Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Business owners have substantial investments in their facilities, inventories, operations and employees. Protect all this from slip-and-fall hazards that could make your business vulnerable to damages.


park using safeguard anti slip step covers


Stay All Fun & Games

No one gets hurt by slip-and-fall accidents when SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers are installed on steps and walkways in recreation areas.


university using anti slip step covers

Schools & Universities

Protect Students, Teachers, Workers, and Visitors

A lot of people count on the safety of your campus infrastructure. Provide safety underfoot with SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers.


hotel pool using anti slip gritting


Guests Stay Safe with Anti-Slip Protection

True hospitality includes protecting travelers from slips-and-falls on your properties. SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers are a long-lasting, cost-effective means of achieving safe steps, walkways, and more.


restaurant using anti slip walkway covers


Serve up Safety for Customers and Workers

Restaurant kitchens can be hectic and messy. Keep orders flowing smoothly by preventing injuries with SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers. Create beautiful, non-skid walking areas for customers, too.