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Portable Anti-Slip Rolls are a Walkway Solution for Large Areas

Create a secure anti-slip area quickly by unrolling our heavy-duty, flexible, polymeric geomembrane on walkways, decks, flooring, and more.

Temporary or Permanent Non Slip Rolls

High strength and puncture resistant, you can unroll our anti-slip Roll-Traction covers for temporary installation, then roll up for storage. Or, use fasteners and adhesives for a more permanent solution.

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Key Features

Exceeds OSHA & ADA Guidelines
Exceeds OSHA & ADA Guidelines

Independent lab testing confirms that our superior composition is nearly double both the OSHA and ADA guidelines for Coefficient of Friction values, even in wet or oily conditions.

Grit to Suit Your Application
Grit to Suit Your Application

Roll-Traction overcomes dangerous conditions on walkways, decks, and flooring. Choose from four grit options: Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine, or Super Fine.

Featured Market
Land Drilling
Land Drilling

Hazards associated with working around drilling fluid or ‘mud’ include unsafe slippery surfaces. Roll-Traction is a proven way to provide sufficient friction to avoid slips and falls.

Product Specifications

Base Materials

High Strength Geomembrane

Base Thickness

0.068 inches (1.72 mm)

Standard Sizes

29″ (A)
40′ (B)
0.75 (A)
12 (B)
40″ (A)
30′ (B)
1 (A)
9 (B)
58″ (A)
20′ (B)
1.5 (A)
6 (B)
Roll traction dimensions

Roll-Traction is available in a range of grit options, depending on your application:

Coarse (Industrial)
Fine (Commercial)
Extra Fine (Residential)
Super Fine (Barefoot)
Not available in Super Coarse (Xtreme™) and Extra Coarse (Offshore) grit.

See Our Quality First Hand – request a free sample of our product below.

Choose grit and thickness to suit your application

GradeAverage Thickness
Average Thickness
Coarse0.101″2.6 mm
Fine0.095″2.4 mm
Extra Fine0.087″2.2 mm
Super Fine0.080″2.0 mm

Average Weight: 0.8 lb/sq. foot (3.9 kg/sq. meter) with Coarse grade grit

Coarse (Industrial) Grade
Coarse (Industrial) Grade
Fine (Commercial) Grade
Fine (Commercial) Grade
Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
Super Fine (Barefoot) Grade
Super Fine (Barefoot) Grade

SAFEGUARD Color Options

Standard and Safety Colors

Use for a variety of industrial and safety applications. Color and markings can be used to attract attention, designate caution, and communicate safety information.


In darkness or a power outage, HiGlo-Traction Photoluminescent colors highlight the way.

Two-Tone Color Configuration

A contrasting color defines the edge and provides added awareness of a change in surface. Two-tone color configurations are available along the length and width of the cover.

The colors on this web page serve only as a visual guide for initial selection of color. Actual finished product color may vary slightly from the version shown on your monitor based on grit size (coarseness) as well as the base material of construction. To see the actual color, please request a product sample.

Roll-Traction is custom manufactured in the USA to meet your application requirements. Contact us with any questions. Or, use the buttons below to request a sample or more information about our products. To place an order, please call: 1-800-989-1695.


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