Chemical and Refining

Safeguard Technology understands the challenges in the chemical and refining industries. Direct chemical exposure, high moisture with corrosive environments, heavy impacts and around-the-clock operations all contribute to safety challenges. For over 30 years Safeguard has set the standard for anti-slip protection.

Safeguard’s diverse product offerings (ladder rung covers, walkway covers, pipe and cable covers as well as roll traction) provide solutions for the most demanding of applications. Due to the nature of the refining processes slippery stairs, ladders and walkways are ongoing areas of concern that Safeguard has been working diligently to eliminate throughout your facilities. We pride ourselves on helping to improve slip-related issues and assisting you in providing a long-term solution to prevent slips and falls. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Chemical factility

Recommended Products

Bright yellow anti-slip Walkway cover in chemical facility

Walkway and Ramp Covers

Use on indoor and outdoor walkways, wheelchair ramps, entryways and in locker rooms to prevent accidents. Available in a variety of grades to match your application. Available in 30+ colors to either blend-in or stand-out with hi-vis/contrasting edge lines. Match your brand or corporate colors or add custom messaging and logos.
Yellow Rung covers on ladder

Ladder Rung Covers

Roof ladders specified for new building construction can include OSHA compliant Safeguard Ladder Rung Covers for safe access.
Stepping on pipe cover

Pipe and Cable Covers

Eliminate slips, trips, and falls caused by extension cords, cables, pipes, and conduit with Safeguard Hi-Traction® pipe & cable covers.
Yellow Anti-slip Roll traction being installed

Roll Traction

Create a secure anti-slip area quickly by unrolling our heavy-duty, flexible, polymeric geomembrane on walkways, decks, flooring, and more.