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The HookIt™ hand safety tool helps avoid hand and finger injuries while safely maneuvering grating or other like equipment.

It acts as an extension of the worker’s body to move, push or reposition the item keeping hands and fingers out of the danger zone, avoiding crush and pinch points while at the same time sustaining control of the object being positioned.

Key Product Features

Product Specifications

Relax, We’ve Got Your Back

Its ergonomic design and light 2.2lb weight allows workers to maintain relaxed and proper body positioning when using the tool reducing the risk of back injuries while lifting or maneuvering.

Endless Options

The hook end of the HookIt comes in four different options – a J shape, an angled J shape, a L shape or a T shape. Each tool is 44” in total length.

Keep it in Hand

Its textured shaft provides slip-resistant handling to keep hands in place.

Hook What You Want

While initially designed specifically for lifting grating, the HookIt can be used for a multitude of jobs including, as an extension to move, push or reposition items and equipment, as a rigid tagline to grab wire cables or slings and when used with the Magna-Grab magnetic tagline, in maneuvering suspended equipment like valves as well as other items with flange holes or openings.


Base Materials

Part Number Length Description
HookIt-AH 14” HookIt Hand Safety Tool w/ Angled Hook
HookIt-JH 30” HookIt Hand Safety Tool w/ J Hook
HookIt-LH 48” HookIt Hand Safety Tool w/ L Hook
HookIt-TH 30” HookIt Hand Safety Tool w/ T Hook
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