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Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip
Ladder Rung Covers

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Deliver Firm-Footed Traction From Top to Bottom

Significantly enhance safety in one of the most dangerous spaces: the slick, small foot surface area present on ladder rungs. Safeguard’s two styles of anti-slip ladder rung covers fit easily over the rung, demonstrating complete, long-lasting performance in the world’s toughest indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Channel shaped and half-round styles
  • FRP (fiberglass) and galvanized or stainless steel base
  • Adhesive, mechanical, or welded installation
  • Retrofit in the field, or specify as an OEM enhancement

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Key Features

Long-Lasting Grip
Long-Lasting Grip

Resistant to many chemicals, corrosion, and the harsh abuse of boot traffic up and down the ladder.

Simple Implementation
Simple Implementation

Covers are made to order for quick and easy installation over existing material with pre-drilled holes and mechanical fasteners or adhesives.

Featured Market
Power Generation
Power Generation

Power generation facilities are notorious for slip-and-fall accidents, particularly on ladders. We heard the benefits first-hand from one of our customers about how temporary tapes needed to be replaced two or three times in a five year period. Now they use our products and save a lot of rework time.

“Self-adhesive anti slip tapes used on ladder rungs have a limited life expectancy. On the average, anti-slip tapes have to be replaced two to three times in a five year time period.

The biggest advantage of utilizing Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Ladder Rung Covers is that they are permanent. Once installed, no one will have to scrape and replace worn off material. They can even be repainted (lightcoat) to make them look like new again. This is the best solution for all conditions, interior and exterior.

Thanks to Safeguard, they're saving us a lot of rework.”

-From a VP of Safety at a major U.S. Power Plant

Product Specifications

Base Materials

Choose from one of the following base materials of construction, or provide your own material for direct gritting.

  • Pultruded Fiberglass (FRP)
    Lightweight, Impact Resistant, Cost-Effective
  • Galvanized Steel 18 gauge (1.2 mm) G90
    Corrosion Resistant
  • Stainless Steel 18 gauge (1.2 mm) #316
  • Direct Grit
    Send us your OEM parts or your engineered drawings for fabrication, then gritting

Base Material Shapes

  • Channel
  • Half-Round
  • Angle

Important: The (A) dimension is generally up to 2” shorter than the length of the rung. If complete rung coverage is desired, make sure that no obstruction (for example: a weld bead) will interfere with the seating of the rung cover.

size diagrams

Max Sizes and Base Material

Base MaterialLengths (A)Diameters (B)
Pultruded FRP Round and ChannelUp to 48 in.
Up to 1,200 mm
3/4 up to 2 in.
19 up to 50 mm
Metal ChannelUp to 48 in.
Up to 1,200 mm
3/4 up to 2 in.
19 up to 50 mm
Metal RoundUp to 48 in.
Up to 1,200 mm
3/4 in., 7/8 in., and 1 in.
20 mm and 25 mm

We offer five different grades of grit, depending on your application. Fine grade (Commercial) is the standard choice for most ladder applications.

  • Extra Coarse (Offshore)
  • Coarse (Industrial)
  • Fine (Commercial)
  • Extra Fine (Residential)
  • Super Fine (Barefoot)
Extra Coarse (Offshore/Heavy Duty) Grade
Extra Coarse (Offshore/Heavy Duty) Grade
Coarse (Industrial) Grade
Coarse (Industrial) Grade
Fine (Commercial) Grade
Fine (Commercial) Grade
Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
Super Fine (Barefoot) Grade
Super Fine (Barefoot) Grade

SAFEGUARD Color Options

Standard and Safety Colors

Use for a variety of industrial and safety applications. Color and markings can be used to attract attention, designate caution, and communicate safety information.

View Standard and Safety Colors