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Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip
Ladder Rung Covers

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Deliver Firm-Footed Traction From Top to Bottom

Significantly enhance safety in one of the most dangerous spaces: the slick, small foot surface area present on ladder rungs. Safeguard’s two styles of anti-slip ladder rung covers fit easily over the rung, demonstrating complete, long-lasting performance in the world’s toughest indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Channel shaped and half-round styles
  • FRP (fiberglass) and galvanized or stainless steel base
  • Adhesive, mechanical, or welded installation
  • Retrofit in the field, or specify as an OEM enhancement

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Key Features

Long-Lasting Grip
Long-Lasting Grip

Resistant to many chemicals, corrosion, and the harsh abuse of boot traffic up and down the ladder.

Simple Implementation
Simple Implementation

Covers are made to order for quick and easy installation over exis