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The HoldIt™ hand safety tool helps avoid hand-related injuries while holding and striking objects, keeping fingers and hands at a safe distance from the danger zone.

The force sustained when striking an object can cause life altering injuries to a worker’s hands if placed in the impact area. The HoldIt extends the worker’s reach, keeping hands and fingers at a distance while securing the striking wrench, large diameter pin or other similar objects.

Different jobs have different needs. The Hand Safety Tool Company’s HoldIt tool is offered in three popular lengths to accommodate required reach, striking distance, or impact force needs.

Key Product Features

Product Specifications

Stay in the Loop

The HoldIt’s loop is constructed from a strong, heat-resistant synthetic fiber and is capable of securing objects 0.75” – 3.5” diameter.

Secure with a Twist

Simply twist the handle clockwise to tighten the loop around the object  for secure control. Twist it counterclockwise to loosen.

It’s Impactful

The tool’s high-density polyethylene (HPDE) shaft ensures that the HoldIt c an sustain high impact blows without breaking  or shattering.

Added Protection

An ergonomic hand guard acts as a barrier to protect hands and fingers while aiding in proper hand positioning. It features a dedicated tethering point for use when working at heights.


Base Materials

Part Number Length Description
HHST14 14” HoldIt Hand Safety Tool
HHST30 30” HoldIt Hand Safety Tool
HHST48 48” HoldIt Hand Safety Tool
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