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Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip
Pipe & Cable Covers

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Create a Safe Pedestrian Walkway over Pipes and Cables

Avoid slips, trips, and falls caused by exposed wires, cables, pipes, and conduit. Use our rugged Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Pipe & Cable Covers to provide a nonslip safety bridge for foot traffic over these areas.

  • Durable anti-slip surface
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Impact and corrosion resistant

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Key Features

Quick & Easy Installation
Quick & Easy Installation

Standard and custom pipe and cable covers are pre-fabricated for quick and easy installation. Secure with mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesive. Pre-drilled holes are available.

Standard & Custom
Standard & Custom

Choose standard Hi-Traction® Pipe & Cable Covers in safety yellow with black edges and 2, 3, 4, and 5 foot lengths. Or, custom design your cover with colors, including photoluminescent "glow-in-the-dark," or descriptive messaging such as “Watch Your Step” for added safety

Featured Market
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibitions & Events

Organizers of fairs, festivals, and conferences often deal with eliminating trip-and-fall hazards. Our pipe and cable covers deliver! They are made from a strong polymer material that can withstand up to 1,000 pounds.

Product Specifications

Base Materials

  • 1/8 in Pultruded Fiberglass (FRP)Lightweight, Impact Resistant, Cost-Effective
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum, 60/61 T Marine GradeThick, Rigid, Durable
  • Pipe & Cable Covers are sized in 20 inch widths
  • Choose from standard 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch,
    and 60 inch lengths
  • Custom lengths to maximum 10′
  • The channel under the cover spans 3 inches high and wide
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum options are also available

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size diagrams

Six Grit Options

  • Super Coarse (Xtreme™)- For most severe conditions, messaging not available
  • Extra Coarse (Offshore)
  • Coarse (Industrial)
  • Fine (Commercial)
  • Extra Fine (Residential)
  • Super Fine (Barefoot)
Super Coarse (Xtreme™) Grade
Super Coarse (Xtreme™) Grade
Extra Coarse (Offshore/Heavy Duty) Grade
Extra Coarse (Offshore/Heavy Duty) Grade
Coarse (Industrial) Grade
Coarse (Industrial) Grade
Fine (Commercial) Grade
Fine (Commercial) Grade
Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
Extra Fine (Residential) Grade
Super Fine (Barefoot) Grade
Super Fine (Barefoot) Grade

SAFEGUARD Color Options

Standard and Safety Colors

Use for a variety of industrial and safety applications. Color and markings can be used to attract attention, designate caution, and communicate safety information.

View Standard and Safety Colors
View Standard and Safety Colors

These colors can be combined in two tone configurations to create extra visual safety effects.

Premium Colors

Our Premium color palette provides architects, facilities managers, and home owners with additional contemporary color choices for safety applications. These designer colors fit the aesthetic requirements for anti-slip protection at schools, commercial offices, institutional buildings, hotels and personal residences.

View Premium Colors
View Premium Colors

These colors can be combined in two tone configurations to create extra visual safety effects.


In darkness or a power outage, HiGlo-Traction Photoluminescent colors highlight the way.

®View HiGlo-Traction
®View HiGlo-Traction

Two Standard / Safety or Glow Colors or any two Premium Colors can be combined in two tone configurations to create extra visual safety effects.

Two-Tone Color Configurations Add Visibility

A contrasting color on the perimeter of a Pipe & Cable Cover designates a change in surface texture or signifies a safe walking zone. The contrast provides good definition and clear visibility for added awareness.

The colors on this web page serve only as a visual guide for initial selection of color. Actual finished product color may vary slightly from the version shown on your monitor based on grit size (coarseness) as well as the base material of construction. To see the actual color, please request a product sample.

Our Pipe & Cable covers are custom manufactured in the USA to meet your application requirements. Contact us with any questions. Or, use the buttons below to request a sample or more information about our products. To place an order, please call: 1-800-989-1695.


  1. Size (Length)
  2. Grade/Grit
  3. Color(s)
  4. Safety Markings and Logos
  5. Preferred Method of Installation

Contact us with any questions, request a sample, or get more information about our products below.

Ordering Safeguard

Pipe & Cable Covers are easy to install over wood, steel, and concrete. Find instructions below for the appropriate substrate and method.

Pipe & Cable Covers Installation

  1. Prior to drilling, determine placement for the cover.
  2. Do your covers have pre-drilled holes? Then skip to STEP #7.
  3. If your Pipe & Cable Cover does not have pre-drilled holes, position the cover over the substrate, pipe and/or cable and determine the desired location for the screws.
  4. We recommend that pre-drilled holes be at least 1” in from the edge of the covers to avoid fracturing the fiberglass.
  5. Once the position of the drill holes is determined, mark the underside of the cover with a Sharpie™or dark permanent marker.
  6. Using the appropriate sized drill bit from the Drill Bit Chart, pre-drill the holes into the underside of your cover using the markings you created.
    Screw/Bolt Size Drill bit size required
    #8 x 1 in screw 7/32 in diameter drill bit
    #10 x 1-1/2 in screw 9/32 in diameter drill bit
    1/4 in bolt 3/8 in diameter drill bit
  7. Re-align your Pipe & Cable Cover with the pre-drilled holes in the precise position you want the cover installed.
  8. (Pilot Holes) – Place a marking device in the pre-drilled hole and mark the substrate accordingly.
  9. Remove the Pipe & Cable Cover.
  10. Now drill the pilot holes into the marked area on the substrate to the appropriate depth indicated in the pilot hole depth instructions.

    Pilot Hole Depth

    Drill to the depth of the plastic sleeve used with the masonry fastener. NOTE: If using Tapcon®, follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions.
    Drill all the way through the steel or as deep as possible.
    Not necessary. If preferred, drill just to the depth of the screw being used.
    Steel/Fiberglass Grating
  11. Using a brush, broom, or ShopVac™, remove the dust and debris caused by the drilling.
  12. If using masonry fasteners, once the surface is clear of dust and debris, insert the plastic sleeve into the pilot hole. The top of the insert sleeve should sit flush with the top of the pilot hole.
  13. Place the Pipe & Cable Cover over the substrate taking care to align the pre-drilled holes precisely with the pilot holes.
  14. Insert the appropriate screw and turn until a tight fit/seal is achieved. Warning- Do Not Over Torque!
Reduce the speed of your pneumatic air tools to prevent thread galling and bolt snapping while installing saddle clips.
We recommend using a Torx screwdriver when installing to avoid head stripping.
The use of a thread lubricant is also recommended to reduce heat and assist in a smooth installation of this product.

Warning messages, text, and logo graphics can be embedded into Safeguard® Pipe & Cable Covers to last for the life of the product. We can even match your color.

Combined with a Photoluminescent “Glow-in-the-Dark” background, the message is visible after dark and during power outages to provide safe egress/ingress during emergency evacuations.

Step covers with safety messaging and two-tone colors

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