Safeguard Technology Installation Services

Proper installation is vital to the effective application of anti-slip products. Safeguard’s installation team is ready to help. Trained to excel in even the most challenging situations, our installers have the experience, tools, and skills to provide optimal outcomes.

  • The most knowledgeable and efficient professionals for the job
  • Bonded and insured
  • Compliant with your safety requirements
  • Offshore-ready (HUET, TWIC, passport, etc.)
  • Other specific training

As the manufacturer, we are among the most efficient installers available. Our customized installation plan could reduce the amount of downtime needed for critical areas of your operation.

Safeguard’s installation experts will also train your staff or designated installers. From a dedicated phone consultation to full in-person instruction, our experts will run through your specific installation to instruct your staff on every component of a successful installation. Plus, we’re just a phone call away if support is needed.

To get the most out of your investment, ensure that your anti-slip covers are installed correctly. They will be serving your facility for many years to come.