Proactive Protection from Slips-and Falls

You want your guests to enjoy a wonderful experience during their stay. Slips-and-falls are not on the agenda! Safeguard’s Super Fine grade is perfect for barefoot areas like pools and showers.

Keep guests safe, as well as all the staff that maintain the facilities. Managers of public spaces need effective anti-slip solutions, and Safeguard provides that with a customized surface for each specific type of use and environment.

Add anti-slip safety to these high risk areas at resorts: guest and employee entryways, Maintenance Department’s ladders for rooftop access to HVAC and steps to mechanical rooms, and Housekeeping Department needs safe walkways, ramps and laundry rooms, and Restaurant kitchens and pool areas are almost always slippery.

Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Covers Hospitality Industry

Anti Slip Walkway Cover
Walkways can be slippery, especially when sandy or wet. We offer a wide variety of covers – one is sure to fit your needs and budget.
Hotel Pool Slip Hazard
Anti Slip Walkway Cover
Good slip resistance is required on accessibility ramps. Get the best by adding SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Walkway Covers.

Recommended Products

Anti Sip Step Cover

Step Covers

Indoors and out, adding SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Step Covers really pays off. First, by improving the appearance of your stairway and, second, by preventing slip-and-fall accidents on your property.