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Safeguard’s Anti-Slip Products Have Passed the Test

Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction Covers have undergone a battery of tests by independent laboratories, covering a wide range of performance parameters. Take a look at our scores.

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Choose colors that suit your style while keeping students safe and sound with Safeguard’s made-to-order anti-slip products.
Be sure that entrance and exit areas are ready for all seasons of foot traffic. Go to the head of the class for installing Safeguard Hi-Traction Step and Walkway Covers.

Recommended Products

Walkway Covers
Walkway Covers

The physical environment of a campus is important, and many institutions of higher learning have historical value as well. Safeguard’s retrofit anti-slip covers can support preservation efforts by covering problem areas to keep pedestrians safe.

Step Covers
Step Covers

Ensure maximum traction on steps. Safeguard has a Step Cover to fulfill your every requirement, offering a range of base constructions, colors, grades, and sizes.