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Safeguard’s Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers Have Passed the Test

Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction Covers have undergone a battery of tests by independent laboratories, covering a wide range of performance parameters.

We Exceed OSHA and ADA Standards
When SAFEGUARD® products were tested for Coefficient of Friction using the Brungraber Mark II testing device, the results showed a COF value nearly double OSHA’s 0.5 guideline and far exceeding the ADA’s recommended value of 0.6. Even when angled as an ADA access ramp, and in wet or oily conditions, our anti-slip surface greatly exceeds these guidelines.

Take a look at our scores.

Safeguard step covers at university

Protect Students, Teachers, Workers, and Visitors from Slips-and-Falls with SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers

People count on the safety of your campus – but not all steps, walkways, and ladders are up to the challenge. Surfaces such as concrete, tile, diamond plate, and wood can be very slippery and even more hazardous when wet, icy, snowy, or dirty.

SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers are installed over existing surfaces to increase traction and improve safety. Indoors or out, they also upgrade the appearance of the underlying surface.

Long Lasting Solutions:

  • SAFEGUARD products exceed OSHA and ADA standards for slip-resistant properties and coefficient of friction
  • SAFEGUARD covers are long-lasting, offering a more permanent solution than paints and tapes
  • SAFEGUARD Technology is a dependable supplier with over 25 years of proven anti-slip performance in the most challenging environments on the planet
Colorful Anti Slip Step Covers for Schools
Choose colors that suit your style while keeping students safe and sound with Safeguard’s made-to-order anti-slip products.
anti slip walkway cover with logo
Enhanced walkway and ramp covers with your university logo.
Anti Slip Step Covers at School Entrance
Be sure that entrance and exit areas are ready for all seasons of foot traffic. Go to the head of the class for installing Safeguard Hi-Traction Step and Walkway Covers.

Recommended Products

Anti Slip Walkway

Walkway and Ramp Covers

The physical environment of a campus is important, and many institutions of higher learning have historical value as well. Safeguard’s retrofit anti-slip covers can support preservation efforts by covering problem areas to keep pedestrians safe.


university using anti slip step covers

Step Covers

Ensure maximum traction on steps. Safeguard has a Step Cover to fulfill your every requirement, offering a range of base constructions, colors, grades, and sizes.