1. Is your supplier a one-stop shop for all critical areas (ladder rungs, steps, walkways)?
  2. Can you choose from a variety of base material options to accommodate any condition (steel, FRP, vinyl, geomembrane)?
  3. Do you have options when it comes to grit size?
  4. Can you maximize the impact of your safety upgrade with a variety of colors (even glow-in-the dark), messaging, and logos?
  5. Do parts arrive made-to-size with pre-drilled holes and accessories – no need for additional fabrication?
  6. Will your packages arrive clearly marked for their installation area?
  7. Does the manufacturer stand behind their product?
  8. Can the supplier apply top-performing anti-slip surface to your OEM parts?
  9. Are the products made in the USA?
  10. Will you get a long-lasting solution that saves money in the long run?

With Safeguard, the answer is YES