Anti-Slip Step Covers: From Slippery to Safe

Ah, serrated grating. When it’s new and has those sharp, jagged teeth that grip the soles of your work boots and won’t let them slide…

The problem is, this aggressive attitude on the part of the grip doesn’t last. Time and foot traffic reveals the steel teeth to be the softies they really are. Which brings us to an image our customer sent – file name: Slippery.

The stair treads in their machine shop had become a hazard. Employees were slipping due to having oily substances on the bottom of their shoes.

Their research on anti-slip solutions brought them to the website of Safeguard Technology where they submitted a Request for Quote form. There was some initial concern that the grit on the anti-slip step covers might not be “thick enough” to stop the slipping.

Worn grating that has become slippery
File Name: Slippery
Anti-Slip step covers prevent slips and falls
File Name: Safe

Once they received the samples we provided, they realized our product was the right fit for them.

Safeguard® Hi-traction® products use fused alumina – a hard, sharp-edged aggregate that measures 9.4 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Comparatively, steel, as found in serrated grating, ranks only 4 on the Mohs scale, indicating a soft material that will quickly wear away under foot traffic, leaving your surface more hazardous than ever.

Pre-drilled slotted holes (a Safeguard exclusive) made fastening the step covers over grating fast and easy. After the installation, the stairs were no longer slippery, leading to much safer conditions for the workers. The customer appreciated the clean look of the two-tone covers, and, of course, their effectiveness.

Not sure if our Hi-Traction products will work for you? Request a sample today!

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