Anti-Slip Without the Scrape: New Calf Saver™ Hi-Traction® Step Covers

Anti-Slip marine steps with Anti-Slip Step Covers for Steep Stairs
Anti-Slip Marine Steps

Anti-Slip step covers made especially for steep stairs

Seafaring vessels are known for having steep stairs along with hazardous conditions that require effective anti-slip treatment.

Safeguard products are known for preventing slips-and-falls in the most challenging environments on the planet.

So, when some of our marine customers mentioned that the grit on the vertical lip of our anti-slip step covers scraped the backs of their calf when descending steep stairs, we went to work designing the Calf-Saver ™.

As a result, the Calf-Saver™ option strikes a balance between gritted area and smooth area to stop slips AND scrapes!

Anti-Slip grit is strategically placed on step covers for steep stairs

Need anti-slip step covers for steep stairs? Try the Calf-Saver™.

Design challenge? Bring it! We love solving snags that stand between you and anti-slip safety.

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