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The Multi-Grab is a super versatile magnetic hand safety tool utilized for close-up suspended load control as well as material handling and light lifting up to 60 LBS.

The tool is designed to keep hands off equipment and at a safe distance from potential crush or pinch points.

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Key Features

Product Specifications

Move Freely

The Multi-Grab’s multi-axis freedom of movement design enables the user to keep control of and position suspended loads with comfort and confidence.

Easy to Use or Remove

The Multi-Grab easily attaches to any magnetic surface and just as easily removes with a sideways push on the D-handle.

Small but Mighty

The lightweight, portable tool only weighs 3 LBS, but it provides 500 LBS of magnetic pull force.

Lock it Up

The Multi-Grab comes in a non-locking version and a locking version. The locking version has a spring locking pin with a detent that allows it to be locked straight for fixed positioning or to unlock for free motion.

Part Number



Multi-Grab (Non-Locking) Multi-Use Magnetic Hand Safety Tool


Multi-Grab (Locking) Multi-Use Hand Safety Tool w/ Locking Pull Pin


Replacement Magnet Kit (Pack of 2)

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