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Transportation & Fleets
Work Trucks

Reduce Liability Exposure with Safeguard Anti-Slip Covers

From tanker trucks to cement mixers, conditions on work vehicles can be as dangerous as an offshore drilling rig. Protect your team with the best in anti-slip protection.

Retrofit your steps and standing areas with Safeguard Anti-Slip Covers or have us build the step for you with direct gritting.

Don’t Trust Diamond Plate or Grating

When these materials get wet or dirty, they have the ideal conditions for a slip-and-fall accident. Grip strut and grating wear down over time and offer no protection where it’s needed most, on the leading edge.

Where You’ll Find Safeguard Anti-Slip Products

  • Refuse: Steps and worker standing areas
  • Chemical & Tanker Trucks: Steps and ladders
  • Agricultural: Steps and access areas
  • Construction: Steps and access areas
  • Moving Trucks: Steps and ramps
  • Cement Mixers: Steps and ladders
  • Refrigerator Trucks: Steps and walkways
Contact us to find out how you can have Safeguard anti-slip material applied directly to your custom parts.
Add an anti-slip tread where needed
Add an anti-slip safety message where needed

Recommended Products

Direct Gritting
Direct Gritting

Our patented surface can be applied to customer supplied material for seamless integration. Maintain pass-through designs with superior anti-slip protection.

Step Covers
Step Covers

Be confident entering and exiting work vehicles with Safeguard Anti-Slip retrofit covers on the steps.

Walkway Covers
Walkway Covers

Step bumpers, pull-out ramps, lift gates, trailer thresholds – any flat surface can be fitted with one of our anti-slip covers. Provide workers with traction that far exceeds OSHA and ADA Coefficient of Friction guidelines.

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