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We Focus on Safety So You Can Focus on Drilling

Drilling operations pose a variety of risks to operating crews. Land rigs, especially, are known for their fast pace and tough conditions. Reduce risks and protect your workers with trusted anti-slip protection from Safeguard.

Since 1992, we’ve been manufacturing Hi-Traction Anti-Slip Covers for steps, walkways, and ladder rungs to increase worker safety on onshore and land rigs throughout the world.

Superior Foot Traction

Safeguard Covers provide excellent traction, even if the surface is oily, wet, greasy, dusty, or dirty. A hard, sharp grit is bonded to the base substrate to deliver an excellent Hi-Traction surface that greatly exceeds the Coefficient of Friction guidelines established by OSHA and the ADA.

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Offshore Downstream
Onshore land rigs require complete anti-slip safety measures to protect operating crews
Keep your land rig operations running safely and smoothly.
Keep your land rig operations running safely and smoothly.

Recommended Products

Step Covers
Step Covers

A common step cover used on land rigs has FRP base material with Xtreme™ grit and a back beveled edge to smooth out the profile

Walkway Covers
Walkway Covers

Hazardous areas, like land rig monkey board fingers, need complete anti-slip treatment: safety colors, two tone configurations, glow-in-the-dark, and critical safety messaging.

Ladder Rung Covers
Ladder Rung Covers

A quick fix for dangerous ladders. Provide safety underfoot from the top to the bottom of your land drilling rig. Easy to install.

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