Pass-Through Holes for Anti-Slip Step Covers

What is the Purpose of Pass-Through Holes?

Pass-through holes enhance the safety and functionality of anti-slip step covers by addressing  some common issues associated with exterior & industrial steps:

  1. Drainage: They allow water, snow, and other liquids to drain through the step cover, reducing the risk of puddling within the chosen grit- along with the formation of ice.
  2. Debris Removal: pass-through holes prevention the accumulation of dirt and debris, maintaining the effectiveness of the anti-slip surface.
  3. Ventilation: pass-through holes can mitigate the risk of mold or rust on the underlying steps in certain conditions.

***standard blk / ylw / split? custom color options? standard / custom grit options?

Pass Through Holes for 3" Step Cover

Pass Through Holes for 6" Step Cover

Pass Through Holes for 9" Step Cover

** Pass-Through Holes Also Available on 12″ Step Covers