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The Magna-Grab is a multi-purpose, hands-off magnetic tool. It can serve as a portable magnetic tag line and tether anchor point or may be used as a long-reach, magnetic-retrieval tool.

It enables users to control loads and handle materials without putting themselves or their hands in the line of fire.

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Key Features

Product Specifications

Anchor Away

The tool serves as a portable anchor point enabling attachment to any magnetic material where ideal points for a tagline or tether do not exist.

Uses are in the Eye of the Holder

An eye bolt in the handle enables tag lines to be attached to the Magna-Grab. The tool can then be used for long-reach retrieval of dropped objects in confined spaces or to safely maneuver suspended loads.

Easy to Use or Remove

The Magna-Grab easily attaches to any magnetic surface and just as easily removes with a sideways push on the handle.

Small but Mighty

The lightweight, portable tool only takes up 4”to 6” of space, but it provides 400 LBS of magnetic pull force.

Mfr Part Number



Magna-Grab Portable Magnetic Tag Line/Tether Anchor Point


Tag Line, 25’ w/Snap Hook


Tag Line, 50’ w/Snap Hook


Tag Line, 75’ w/Snap Hook


Replacement Magnet Kit (Pack of 2)

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