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845-Megawatt Combined-Cycle Generating Station
Alabama, USA

This generating station is a modern, combined-cycle, a natural gas-fueled facility that produces up to 845 megawatts of electricity. The plant is located in Alabama and began operation in 2002. It was the first large-scale, a combined-cycle project built by a non-utility power producer in the state.

Our customer was looking for ways to help reduce, if not eliminate, slips, trips and falls in their facility. Grated steps had worn out and steel ladder rungs were becoming slippery. By placing Safeguard Hi-Traction™ Anti-Slip Step Covers on all of their grated steps, they have significantly reduced the chances of employee slip-and-fall accidents. Safeguard Hi-Traction™ Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers have all but eliminated slips-and-falls caused by rain and ice.

Based on the success at this plant, our customer presented Safeguard Hi-Traction™ Anti-Slip Step Covers and Ladder Rung Covers at their annual corporate safety meeting. Since that presentation, Safeguard has been contacted by several locations across the country, with many plants having already allocated funds for Hi-Traction Covers into their 2013 budget.

Success stories like this are a common thread at Safeguard Technology and we encourage our distributors to use this information for generating business in your area of the world!

Mervyn Litzow is stepping down as President of Safeguard Technology, Inc. to enter semi-retirement, but will continue to serve as Owner and Chairman in a part-time capacity.

A native of Ipswich, Australia, Merv came to the United States in 1970. A true American success story, Merv started Safeguard Technology, Inc. in 1992 with the vision of manufacturing the highest quality Antislip products for the prevention of slips-and-falls. Merv’s extensive chemical background laid the foundation for a product line recognized around the world as the leader in the industry. From humble beginnings formulating a resin-aggregate system in his garage, to a small, modified office building in tiny Chagrin Falls, OH; in 2009 Safeguard moved into a 20,000 square foot facility in Streetsboro, OH. Safeguard has continued to grow in revenue, workforce, and stature.

“I look forward to spending more time with my wife Joan, visiting our children and grandchildren in both Boston, MA, and Australia. Some time on the golf course is undoubtedly in the cards too,” said Merv Litzow.

William “Bill” Kosinski will assume the role of President. “Bill has been with Safeguard for six years and during that time, has managed Production and Operations related activities while contributing significantly to all phases of the business,” stated Litzow.

“You could not find a more respected individual,” according to Bill Kosinski. “The passion and dedication he has imparted into the products and people are evident. I look forward to working with Merv at a strategic level, but emphasize that this move affords Merv the opportunity to travel and spend time with his family.”

In addition to the change of President, Erick Schuetz has been promoted to Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Erick joined Safeguard in 2001 and has spearheaded our drive into new markets,” added Merv. “I believe the future is very bright with Bill and Erick leading the way.”

Merv is a graduate of the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia where he also received his doctorate in Chemistry. In 1964, Merv was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research at Indiana University, where he also received his MBA.

Safeguard Technology, leading innovator of anti-slip solutions, has added a new line of Safety Track® anti-slip tapes to its extensive anti-slip product offering.

Safeguard Technology, leading innovator of anti-slip solutions, has added a new line of Safety Track® anti-slip tapes to its extensive anti-slip product offering. Safety Track® tapes are a cost-efficient, quick-fix anti-slip solution for lower-traffic areas. The durable peel-and-stick backing is easy to install and adheres securely to steps, floors, and walkways.

Safety Track® anti-slip tapes are certified by the National Flooring Safety Institute and are available in various levels of coarseness and in a variety of colors, including glow-in-the-dark, and resilient and conformable designs.

Safeguard manufactures a full-line of superior safety products, including prefabricated anti-slip covers for steps, walkways, and ladder rungs. Customizable levels of coarseness, sizes and colors, glow-in-the-dark features, as well as safety messaging and logo designs, are available on all Safeguard® Covers.

Find out more about Safeguard’s Anti-Slip Tapes.

Safeguard Technology, leading innovator of anti-slip solutions, has released five new colors in its cutting-edge Hi-Traction Glo Series. The Hi-Traction Glo Series combines Safeguard’s high-quality anti-slip surface with a long-lasting glow-in-the-dark pigment. The inorganic-photoluminescent pigment is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and can be recharged repeatedly during the life of the product.

Safeguard now offers six different colors in the Hi-Traction Glo Series, including the original Glo White. The latest additions to the line include two new safety colors and three new fluorescent colors:

  • Glo Safety Yellow
  • Glo Safety lime
  • Glo Orange
  • Glo Pink
  • Glo Green

Descriptive markings or PPE (personal protective equipment) symbols can also be illuminated in the dark with Safeguard’s customizable HiGlo safety messaging. By using a photoluminescent background, the message is visible after dark and during power outages, providing a safe egress during emergency evacuations.

The Hi-Traction Glo Covers can be fully recharged after just five minutes of direct sunlight exposure, eight minutes of exposure at dusk, and 10 minutes of exposure in fluorescent lighting. Safeguard also offers two-toned Hi-Traction Glo Covers, including safety covers with photoluminescent nosing and ladder-rung covers and walkway covers with photoluminescent edges.

Find out more about Safeguard’s Hi-Traction Glo series.

Since its founding by Merv Litzow in 1992, Safeguard Technology, headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, has been dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of superior safety products for the prevention of slips and falls. Litzow, who has an extensive background in the chemical industry, has translated his unique knowledge and experience into the development of a top-notch safety product line.

Throughout the years, Safeguard has consistently been on the cutting edge of anti-slip technology: from its industry-leading Hi-Traction Safety Covers to its innovative Hi-Traction Glo Series in five new photoluminescent colors. Safeguard’s initial product line utilized either an 18-gauge stainless steel base or an 18-gauge G90 galvanized steel base, for which it was awarded two patents. In an effort to provide a low-cost, light-weight alternative to steel products, Safeguard introduced Pultruded FRP (fiberglass) in 1998, followed by vinyl with self-adhesive backing in 2002.

Safeguard® Hi-Traction Safety Covers are designed to outperform all other products in the industry with their overall effectiveness, ease of installation and lifetime durability.

In 1996, a major product development program culminated in the introduction of Hi-Traction Safety Covers that provide an additional safety feature — “glow-in-the-dark” properties. The Hi-Traction Glo Covers, with five new colors introduced in 2010, illuminate the edges of walkways and stairs, providing a safe egress during power outages and emergency evacuations.

Safeguard’s other industry-leading product innovations include Pipe and Cable Covers and Descriptive Markings or PPE (personal protective equipment) symbols that are available on Safeguard’s entire product line.

In 2010, Safeguard highlighted its Direct Gritting capabilities to customer-supplied prefabricated parts, and introduced Safety Track® anti-slip tapes in a variety of grit levels and colors. Also in 2010, Safeguard started its Quick Ship standard inventory program, which is comprised of Safeguard® Hi-Traction anti-slip Step Covers in the most popular sizes, grits, and colors. Quick Ship standard inventory can be shipped within 48 hours to help distributors and consumers with their immediate anti-slip needs.

Safeguard® Covers are utilized worldwide and have been considered to be the first choice for application in the offshore oil and gas industry.

For product questions, contact Safeguard Technology Customer Service at 1-800-989-1695 or visit

Safeguard Technology, leading innovator of anti-slip solutions, offers Direct Gritting to prefabricated parts. With Direct Gritting, customers supply their parts (or an engineered drawing for fabrication) and Safeguard applies it’s Hi-Traction anti-slip surface directly to the specified area. Direct Gritting helps reduce installation time, weight and cost. It is a desirable alternative when aesthetics are important or when mechanical fasteners are not an option (either structurally or due to unsightly screw heads).

Direct Gritting is available in all of Safeguard’s standard and premium colors, as well as Photoluminescent “Glow-in-the-Dark” and custom color matches. With Direct Gritting, customers can combine colors for a two-tone configuration; incorporate custom messaging, logos and PPE (personal protective equipment) symbols; and choose from a variety of grit levels to meet their application requirements.

Direct Gritting is ideal for industrial and transportation applications and can be applied to many surfaces, including:

  • Work truck steps
  • Bus trim parts
  • Bus ramps
  • Ladder rungs
  • Metal stair treads
  • Diamond plate

Safeguard has been successfully providing Direct Gritting services since its inception in 1992. Safeguard manufactures a full-line of superior safety products, including prefabricated anti-slip safety covers for steps, walkways and ladder rungs. Customizable levels of coarseness, sizes, and colors, glow-in-the-dark features, as well as safety messages and logo designs, are available on all Safeguard products.

Find out more about Safeguard’s Direct Gritting.

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  • Step Covers
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  • Ladder Rung Covers
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  • Conclusion

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