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At Safeguard, we are all about preventing slips-and-falls, one of the top causes of injuries across all walks of life. But, safety has many facets. We always strive to meet the highest standards, like providing ASTM E84 – Class A anti-slip material. 

Materials used on interiors of vehicles, buildings, ships, and drilling rigs must be tested to be sure they allow time for safe egress in case of a fire. Flame spread (how fast fire moves) is a key concern.

Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Covers with FRP base material are ASTM E84 Class A Compliant. Material rated as Class A has a lower flame spread, and therefore a better performance rating, than a Class B or C material.

We’ve had a long, successful partnership with folks in the transportation industry,  keeping the interiors of trains, school buses, motor coaches, and more slip-free while also complying with stringent FR specs. Can we help you improve safety, too? Contact Us.



ASTM E84 – Class A anti-slip material
Safeguard Hi-Traction anti-slip material undergoes ASTM E84 testing

Troy Weber’s phone rang in the early morning hours. When he saw the caller ID, his heart began to pound. After three years as Fleet Manager, he knew what the message would be: another injury, most likely to a driver. He hoped he was wrong or at least that it was not serious, but his mind was already racing over how he’d be able to manage the routes with a driver down.

Failed attempts

It seemed like the accidents, especially the slips-and-falls, should be preventable, but extra training on ‘three points of contact’ had not solved the problem. Even adding grab-handles to the cab seemed like a good idea, but that had actually added arm and shoulder injuries to some of the slip-and-fall cases. He had to stop drivers from getting hurt on the job.

This time

Joe, a long-time employee, had gotten hurt. His foot slipped exiting the cab and he twisted his ankle hard enough to tear a ligament. He would be out of work for a minimum of three months. Troy felt terrible because Joe was a hard worker who always followed safety precautions.

A common occurrence

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “truck drivers have the highest number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that require days off from work across all occupations (a total of 55,710 injuries in 2014). In fact, tractor-trailer truck drivers are three times more likely than the typical American worker to have an injury or illness that requires days off from work. The injuries that are most likely to cause them to miss work result from slips, trips and falls.”1

A closer look

A closer look at the fleet’s truck steps showed extremely steep metal steps that are difficult for even the most fit drivers to navigate. They are perforated to allow for water and ice to pass through. But the serrated steel had worn down since the drivers may enter and exit the trucks up to fifty times a day. Worse, this type of step had no slip-resistant material at the leading edge of the step, where slips most often occur. The foot of a driver descending the steps would hit that edge and, without any added traction on the radius, would slip.

Safeguard Hi-Traction steps stop slips, trips, and falls for truckers
Without proper precautions, exiting a truck can prove to be very dangerous

Eliminate the hazard

Troy knew that the most effective controls involve elimination of the hazards. Luckily, he figured out that an anti-slip surface bonded to the truck steps could prevent this particular type of injury in the future. Better still, he discovered a similar solution could apply to ladders, running boards, and ramps – most any surface that becomes slippery and likely to cause slips-and-falls.

Government statistics show that truck drivers are especially prone to slip-and-fall injuries. After Troy consulted with Erick Schuetz at Safeguard Technology, he confidently set a plan in motion to protect his drivers.

Read the statistics on trucker injuries for yourself– and take steps to prevent injuries on your own vehicles.

See the data

ABS, the American Club and Lamar University join to stop slips-and-falls

What a great initiative! Let’s work together to keep mariners safe

Joint Initiative Tackles Common Causes of Maritime Accidents

ABS, the American Club and Lamar University are launching a new initiative aimed at reducing maritime-related safety incidents. The initial focus of the partnership’s analysis and industry guidance will be on slips, trips and falls, a significant cause of maritime injuries. Read the full article.


While driving her bus in the greater New Orleans area, our customer, an independent owner/operator, observed her passengers slipping on the bus steps and falling. Very concerned about the children’s safety and the potential for a lawsuit, she needed a solution. An internet search led her to Safeguard Technology.

Our customer was never fond of the original material that covered the bus stairs. Installing Hi-Traction® Covers over the existing rubber provided a significant increase in traction. She was impressed by Safeguard’s responsiveness and willingness to outfit a single bus. She also liked:

  • Color Matching – including industry-standard white nosing
  • Custom Size – no cutting
  • Easy installation
  • Within budget

Problem solved! It is easy to reduce the risk of slips-and-falls and liability.

Safe school bus steps begin with Safeguard Hi-Traction Step Covers


Bus drivers are at risk for slips-and-falls. See how the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust partnered with Safeguard to address driver slip-and-fall issues.

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