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2018-05-17 New initiative aimed at reducing maritime safety incidents focusing first on slips-and-falls Comments
2018-03-21 March is National Ladder Safety Month Comments
2018-01-22 Hi-Traction Anti-Slip Covers Comments
2016-11-18 OSHA Updated Standards on Walking and Working Surfaces Comments
2016-10-31 The big reveal is here! Check out Safeguard Technology's latest installation. #safety Comments
2016-10-28 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-26 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-25 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-24 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-24 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-20 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-18 Stay tuned for the big reveal! #safety Comments
2016-10-11 "Pretty much a perfectly named company based upon what they make." Comments
2016-08-17 “ExxonMobil are very happy with your stair noses.” Comments
2016-08-17 Maritime Injury Guide Slips, Trips and Falls Comments
2016-07-06 Supporting a Zero-Injuries Policy Comments
2016-06-13 The Real #1 Cause of Disabling Injury Comments
2016-06-10 Set Sail Safely Comments
2016-05-24 Slips and Solutions for Older Americans Month Comments
2016-05-20 OSHA Set to Rule On Slips, Trips, and Falls Comments
2016-05-06 Be Proactive Not Reactive Comments
2016-04-29 Celebrating NSF for Safeguard Anti-Slip Flooring Comments
2016-04-14 Healthcare workers need Safeguard’s Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip products - the cure for slippery floors! Comments
2016-04-08 Protecting Passengers with Four Easy “Steps” Comments
2016-03-29 New Video: Installation of Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers Comments
2016-02-03 Welcome to the New and Improved! Comments
2012-11-06 Safeguard Products Chosen for Generating Station Comments
2012-08-13 Merv Litzow announces semi-retirement from President of Safeguard Comments
2011-11-17 Safeguard Installation Video Comments
2011-05-26 Safeguard Technology Recognized Nationally on Fox Business Report Comments
2010-06-12 Safeguard Now Offers Direct Gritting Comments
2010-06-12 Safeguard Reflects on More than 15 Years of Anti-Slip Innovations Comments
2010-06-12 Safeguard Introduces Five New Colors to its Hi-Traction Glo Series Comments
2010-06-12 Safeguard Now Carries a Variety of Safety Track® Anti-Slip Tapes Comments
2008-04-25 MEDIA - Safeguard Video Interview Comments
2007-08-24 Safeguard Technology Introduces New Products - Standard PPE Symbols Comments


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