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Keep Your Drivers & Passengers Safe

Frustrated by OEM applied coatings and tapes peeling off after only a few months in the field? Make a long-term commitment to safety with Safeguard Anti-Slip Products.

School buses, city buses, airport and hotel shuttles, and even RVs need to have anti-slip protection. Specify Safeguard Anti-Slip products on your new bus order or retrofit your existing fleet with our covers today.

Extra Traction on Wheelchair Ramps, Lifts, Steps, Trim, and More

Entering and exiting transportation vehicles can be dangerous, especially when carrying luggage or children. Our covers exceed OSHA and ADA guidelines to give you the best traction and outlast other temporary anti-slip solutions.

Where You’ll Find Safeguard Anti-Slip Products

  • City (municipal) buses
  • School buses
  • Airport and hotel shuttles
  • Recreation vehicles (RVs)

Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Covers School Buses

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Image of Safeguard anti-slip step covers being used on a bus. Contact Safeguard for more information
Image of a private shuttle protected with Safeguard anti-slip products. Contact us for more information

Recommended Products

Image of municipal buses with Safeguard custom anti-slip stair treads with logo and two tone color. Contact us for more information.
Step Covers

Fleets that have stairs for access or steps in transitional areas need our anti-slip retrofit covers to keep passengers safe. Choose step covers in a variety of colors, including glow-in-the-dark, custom colors, and two-tone.

Image of a bus with Safeguard Direct Gritting over metal trim.
Direct Gritting

Metal trim around stowed ramps are often overlooked by OEMs. Despite the small surface area (2? wide), many slips-and-falls occur due to this bare steel, particularly when wet or oily. With direct gritting, you can provide your parts or engineered drawings and we’ll apply our Hi-Traction Anti-Slip surface directly where it’s needed most.

Image of Safeguard safety yellow walkway cover being used on a bus ramp. Contact Safeguard for more information
Walkway Covers

Provide extra traction to those entering and exiting transport vehicles with our anti-slip walkway covers. Great for use on wheelchair ramps and easy to install.