Global Leader in Anti-Slip Safety Products

In virtually every industry you’ll find Safeguard Anti-Slip covers and products at work. Our non-slip safety covers keep university students safe in dorm stairwells, crews safe at sea, factory workers safe on the floor, passengers safe on public transportation, athletes safe around pools, and much more.

Oil & Gas

Prevent critical injuries in the offshore, onshore, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas exploration with Safeguard anti-slip covers.

Offshore Solutions

Onshore Solutions

Downstream Solutions

Maritime Industry
Image of a bulk carrier vessel. The maritime industry uses Safeguard Anti-Slip products to keep crews safe. Learn more.

Give your crew the best and safest footing possible with Safeguard Anti-Slip Covers on board and dock side. Trusted by BP Rescue Supply Vessels and other leading organizations in the industry.

Maritime Solutions

Power Generation

Safeguard Hi-Traction Anti-Slip Covers are used globally in power generation facilities including gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, and wind.

Power Generation Solutions

Food & Beverage Processing
Image of Safeguard Anti-Slip walkway covers in food processing plant. Learn more about non-slip protection in the food and beverage processing industry.

Safeguard Anti-Slip covers are USDA-approved for use in the food and beverage processing industry. They withstand harsh chemical washdowns and maintain traction in greasy environments.

Food & Beverage Processing Solutions

Transportation & Fleets
Image of a bus with Safeguard Anti-slip walkway cover on the ramp. Public transportation relies on Safeguard to keep passengers and crew safe.

When people and vehicles are moving, we’re there to keep them safe. Our non-slip covers are used on buses, boarding areas, marine transportation, fire and emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, and airport ground service equipment vehicles.

Buses & Shuttles

Passenger Stations & Boarding Areas

Fire Trucks & Emergency Vehicles

Work Trucks

Airport & GSE

Institutional & Public Buildings
Image of brick building on a university campus. Safeguard anti-slip covers are used in schools and universities to keep students, faculty and staff safe from slips-and-falls.

Give heavily-trafficked pedestrian areas much needed traction with Safeguard Anti-Slip Covers. Used in schools and universities, nursing homes, commercial buildings, restaurant kitchens, and more.

Commercial Buildings


Schools & Universities



Image of Safeguard Anti-Slip Step Covers on a residential wood deck. Contact Safeguard to learn more.

Keep your home or apartment building safe with anti-slip protection on outdoor decks or stairwells. Finer grits for barefoot and residential applications available.

Residential Solutions