Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip
Heated Covers

Keep One Step Ahead of Winter With Heated Covers

Steps and walkways stay free of snow and ice without chemicals or shoveling.

SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® Covers with low-voltage heaters enhance safety, reduce liability exposure, and lower operating costs.

  • Exceed OSHA and ADA standards for anti-slip
  • Easily installed on wood or concrete
  • Customizable color, shape, size, and more 

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Melt ice away with Heat Traction™ Step Covers with low-voltage heaters
™Heated Traction
Step Covers

Keep your steps free from ice and snow without stepping outside!

™Heat Traction
Walkway Covers

Safer ramps for wheel chairs and pedestrians. No more risk of slipping or falling down because of icy conditions.

™Heat Traction
Ladder Rung Covers

Heat Traction™ Ladder Rung Covers make climbing safe in harsh environments by preventing ice build up.

System Requirements
  • Hi-Traction® Cover*
  • Low-Voltage Heater*
  • 12 Volt UL-Listed Transformer(may vary)
  • 12/2 Low-Voltage Cable
  • Cable Connector
  • Mounting Hardware