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Anti-Slip Products

Slip and Fall Prevention is Everyone’s Safety Concern, But Especially Ours!

To safely protect your environment and the people that may work or live there, you have to address the elimination of slips and falls. Safeguard Technology provides safety products for both commercial and residential applications including the processing industry, maritime industry, and the residential market.

Slip and fall prevention is a major concern for employees, employers, property owners and homeowners. Why? Slips and falls:

  • Cause 1 in every 6 accidents!
  • are the 2nd leading cause of DEATH in the workplace
  • account for 35% of ALL LOST workdays due to injuries

Being proactive with SAFEGUARD® Antislip Covers ensures fewer mishaps and injuries, a decrease in lost workdays, and fewer insurance claims which lead to lower insurance premiums.

Anti Slip SAFEGUARD® Covers translate into better performance, greater production, and lower costs, regardless of the application - from offshore oil platforms to industrial plants, healthcare facilities and residential areas. Safeguard has a Safety Cover to fulfill your every requirement, offering a range of products, base constructions, colors, grades, and sizes.

HI-Traction Covers

Hi-Traction Covers

Safeguard manufactures a range of safety covers that ensure maximum traction on steps, ladder rungs, walkways and ramps. Anti slip paints and tapes may provide partial and temporary protection, but SAFEGUARD® Covers result in a permanent and extremely effective solution. Learn more about Hi-Traction safety covers..


We offer a range of standard sizes, but in addition we manufacture Covers based on customer specifications as required. Review SAFEGUARD® anti slip cover sizes.


SAFEGUARD® Covers are available on a selection of base materials, depending on the need. These include Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Fiberglass (pultruded FRP), and Vinyl (flexible PVC), all of which ensure a long-lasting solution. Review safety cover base materials.

Colors & Markings

Safeguard offers a range of standard colors and new premium architectural/decorative colors, as well as two tone and photo luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) options. Safety covers with special markings and customer logos.

Grits / Grades

Safeguard offers six different grit surfaces that deliver exactly the slip protection you need, from Super Fine to Xtreme or Super Coarse. Study the grades of SAFEGUARD® covers available.


Installation is fast and easy with the right accessories. Installation of SAFEGUARD® covers tools and accessories.