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SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction™ Pipe & Cable Covers

Cover with Slip Resistant Surface

SAFEGUARD® Pipe and Cable Covers bring added safety to any workplace. These Covers are specifically engineered for providing a non-slip surface for foot traffic over exposed wires, pipes, conduit and cables.

SAFEGUARD® Covers act as a bridge, effectively concealing the utilities and pipework underneath while ensuring safe traction on the surface.

SAFEGUARD® Pipe and Cable Covers feature a rugged pultruded composite polymer construction that has been tested to withstand up to 1,000 pounds. They are corrosion resistant and flame retardant.

pipe and cable cover diagram pipe and cable cover pipe and cable cover pipe and cable cover

Standard Safeguard® Pipe & Cable Covers are manufactured in Safety Yellow with a Black edging configuration. To custom design your cover, choose from a variety of colors, including photoluminescent "glow-in-the-dark," or incorporate descriptive messaging such as “Watch Your Step” for added safety.

We offer 6 different grades of grit, depending on your application.

Pipe & Cable Covers are easily installed using mechanical fasteners and/or liquid adhesive. Please refer to Section 2 of our Installation Instructions literature for complete step-by-step details.